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The Buzz is back - enjoy the moment

Much has been said about Ferraris, immodestly clad young ladies and yellow aliens in connection with last week's Dentistry Show.

In simple terms, the buzz in dentistry is back, providing the entertainment and controversy that we associate with the mid-00's and before the banking collapse (now there's a thought).

The exhibitors went large, the hall was huge and, perhaps most importantly, attendance on the Saturday I was there seemed to be back to the high levels of yesteryear.

No big surprise that all the dental plan providers I spoke with were crying crocodile tears about being run off their feet with NHS conversions and switches. The same could be said about the independent valuers, drowning in practice sales and the recruitment agencies, struggling to matchmake quickly enough.

Rather than the predictable selfie of me living my best life, my photo is of Ashley, filling his theatre and the aisles behind.

Dentistry is booming.

It's a cycle - enjoy the moment - but remember the principle of "elasticity" shared with me recently.

When it's booming, it's OK to join in - but don't overstretch yourself with capital expenditure and employment, because what goes up never goes up forever and what goes down never goes down forever.

Elasticity is about expanding but ensuring that, when things get quiet again, you are not stranded with overheads that cannot be reduced. Principally, the cost of servicing loans and hiring people.

Once more, I find myself reminding my clients that we don't have a crisis in anything - recruitment, retention, remuneration, the NHS, the cost of living, the Tory party, the Ukraine, food, energy, obesity (there's an obesity crisis in The Guardian this morning).

We are experiencing cycles - make the most of the latest one in dentistry (while it lasts) and thank you to the organisers of The Dentistry Show for having the confidence to take part.

Stop using the wrong "C-word" in front of your teams and patients - "crisis" out - "cycle" in.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

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