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The Business Confidence Forum - live at The Dental Showcase!

I'm delighted to announce that we are appearing LIVE for what is likely to be a one-off event (who knows?) at this years Dental Showcase.

It was Thursday 19th March 2020 that the first Thursday evening Business Confidence Forum took place.

Just a few days before lockdown and yet we were all sufficiently worried about the possible (yes - possible) effects of Covid-19 that it seemed appropriate to get together a panel of practitioners and experts to answer questions from a live webinar audience.

The rest is history. I quickly had to upgrade my Zoom subscription level to accommodate an audience of over 500 and, as you will recall, we met every week for 2 hours, pausing only to clap for the NHS at 20:00 each week.

Here we still are, almost 2 years later - now broadcasting for an hour, once a fortnight, to a stalwart audience, many of whom have become as regular and recognisable names as the panelists.

Friday 25th March - 12:30 - 13:30 in The Business Theatre, ExCel London I'll be hosting:

Simon Thackeray

Sarah Buxton

Alan Suggett Pat Langley

Mark Topley

Lisa Bainham

Marcus Spry

Richard Crook

Kevin Culliney

(and there may be others on the day)

and, as always, we will be pulling no punches in answering questions from our equally live audience.

Which is where you come in - no audience = no gig!


If you are going to be at The Showcase on the Friday - please make a note to be at our live Forum and please also come along with your questions - no matter how controversial we will tackle them in our usual style.

I'm proper excited.

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