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The Brits 2009

Here is an advance announcement of the latest “gig” I will be presenting for Independent Seminars in February 2009. After the success of the marketing day with James Goolnik of Bow Lane Dental, I’ve assembled a group of some of my best friends in dentistry to explain “how they did it”:

  1. Uchenna Okoye of London Smiling (Channel 4’s “10-years younger”)

  2. James Hamill of Blueapple Dental in Northern Ireland (Best Young Dentist UK 2008 – Dentistry)

  3. David and Dawn Cunningham – Spring Grove Clinic, Glasgow

  4. Alex Jones – Penistone Dental and The Dream Implant Clinic – South Yorkshire

  5. Mark Whetstone – Whelby Health, Old Harlow – a true polyclinic

Each of them sharing the secrets of how they became super-successful – and what they are doing to stay there. Its going to be a priceless day of ideas and innovation – don’t miss it. You can download the PDF below: barrow-a3-advert-09 and an enormous “thank you” to Stephen Hudson this morning, who wrote to me with the following words of wisdom

we need to stop trying to “recession-proof our practices” and start “depression-proofing our people”.


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