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The best of Mastermind meetings

I’ve been facilitating some form of Mastermind Group for over 5 years now – and yesterday was without doubt the best meeting yet. Looking back – I ask “why?” – and offer the following reflections:

  1. Environment – a change of room at the Forest of Arden to a bright, well-lit, spacious room

  2. Community – this is the third time theis group have met and they have grown to know each other as people (not just dentists and owner-managers). They have played golf and had a few late nights at the bar. The barriers are down

  3. Honesty – members are sharing income and profit figures, average daily yields, challenges and opportunities – and they know that it’s a safe place

  4. Coachability – members know that they can learn and they are willing to be challenged on their beliefs

  5. Coaches in harmony – Simon and I are pretty good at co-presenting – but yesterday we were really in the zone – it just worked

  6. Bar-stool coaching. Although we both had presentations in the bag – we decided to just create a members “shopping list” for the day’s outcomes – and address the list live and kicking. Let’s face it, Simon and I bring the experience of coaching over 700 practices between us – the members bring decades of practical experience – if we cannot solve a problem in that room, it cannot be solved!

What a fabulous day – the atmosphere remained energised for a full 8 hours. My “mojo” for Mastermind Groups was recharged – and we discussed and agreed a change in format for 2008. Currently we meet Sunday evening for dinner and work all day Monday. They want more coaching time. So we propose to meet Monday lunchtime (I’m sick of Sunday travel) and work Monday afternoon, evening (working dinner) and all day Tuesday. The golfers will still come on Sunday. So a great day for the memoirs – and a superb conversation with Simon during the day about how we can take our businesses forward. I’m so full of ideas I may burst!

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