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The best laid plans and Murphy’s Law

So there we are, launching the world’s first practice management webinar for coaches to 2000 ezine readers last Friday. And the people who run the shopping cart facility don’t tell us that their systems will be down over the weekend.

Result? Small bouts of chaos and confusion and yours truly incandescent with frustration.

Its now Wednesday and we are still not 100% sure that the systems work – hopefully that will be checked today and the ever faithful Jen Haver will re-contact all 2000 readers to say “hey – we can accept your bookings now – for a conference beginning next Monday!”

I suppose this qualifies as real-time marketing.

What has been fantastic is the way that Jen and other Team CB members have rallied around and offered solutions and options – firstly as I traveled across Europe on Sunday/Monday and since then.

Details of the conference are at and we do have some readers who have managed to book a place on-line – so we are good to go no matter how many attend.

It will be fantastic experience.

What do we learn from this?

1. Next time you broadcast an event, make sure that any external service providers are up and running with you.

2. You are only as good as your team, it is said – how true.

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