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The best dental web site in the UK?

Having spent such a good day with James Goolnik (pictured above) and his team on Friday, I cannot resist reminding you that his web site for Bow Lane Dental Group is, in my opinion, one of the best I have seen. I’m not recommending that you copy it – I am observing that the site is perfectly suited to the demographic of the market he serves – London City-based workers. The site doesn’t follow all of the “Chris Barrow” rules (spelled out in an earlier post) but it does innovate with such things as video practice tour and on-line consumables purchasing. Take a good look around the site – I’ll be asking James to present some one-day Intensives for us next year on his overall marketing systems – and I’ll be co-presenting with him in September 2008 (London) on a special FMC marketing day. James is a marketing master and a very-talented self-publicist. As well as extensive coverage in national magazines such as GQ, he uses every available media to promote the practice – on Friday evening this week, Bow Lane will be featured in a CNBC News broadcast on UK dentistry – the film crew were crawling all over us last week.

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