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The Australia Diary – Day 12 – the workshop and the trip conclude

After a 21:00 bedtime last night, I feel great when my alarm wakes me at 05:00 and I’m busy in my room, preparing for the day and packing for the journey home.

Even though I have plenty of baggage, after a quick breakfast and check out from the excellent Novotel, South Wharf, I decide to take the 30-minute walk along the riverside for the last time.

It will do me good, considering I’m going to be locked in a hotel all day and an aircraft thereafter.

As I make my way towards the CBD, waves of school kids from all nations pass me on their way into a World Youth Conference that is taking place in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (no doubt the same conference attended by my conversation partner Alanna a few days ago).

I ponder on the world they will live in when they are my age and I’m long gone – that sounds a little moribund but I genuinely wish them all the best and wonder whether they will have to tolerate the rubbish that emanates from the mouths of our politicians as the 22nd century dawns?

I arrive at the hotel in plenty of time to get myself set up and chat to one of the delegates Jai (who I last met at an East of England Deanery VT conference over 10 years ago).

My delegate’s places of birth reflect the diverse nature of the Australian community in the 21st century.

There are 3 home-grown Aussies (two Practice Managers and a very rare TCO).

The principals were born in:

Ukraine Russia Ireland England (2) Hong Kong

Day 2 kicks off with a much higher level of energy now that we have all got to know each other and I really enjoy delivering the material around The Patient Experience.

Is it any surprise to discover that they all have huge improvements to make in the quality and content of their current patient journey?

At lunchtime I decide to escape from the hotel for a few minutes and grab a coffee from down the street. Emerging from the front door into a rainstorm is my first and only experience of the Australian winter – I’ve been very lucky.

The afternoon concludes the patient experience and we then move into the final session of The Extreme Business Workshop, on leadership, management, task management, time management, unique ability teams and delegation.

Some eyebrows are raised as I share my own 2019 calendar and the split between Free, Focus and Bunker Days.

As we reach the finish line I ask for feedback on the 2 days in Melbourne and, once again, the audience tell me that they are inspired and ask for more.

I’ll have a lot to discuss with Team CB and with Dental Events Australia, who have looked after me famously.

A cab to Tullamarine Airport follows and I’m now waiting for my flight(s) home. It’s going to be a long journey.

I return home inspired by this wonderful country and by the superb people I’ve met.

I love my job.

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