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The Associate Remuneration Playbook (balancing profit, percentage and production)

On 13th May I recorded a live webinar as part of our ongoing Associate Development Programme. The objective was to introduce and explain a new version of our associate profitability calculator spreadsheet (as well as the version for hygienists/therapists).

The ground we covered has such universal application that I decided to make the recording available as this month’s Extreme Business Academy tutorial, for the benefit of the whole of our Academy audience, including access to download the calculator spreadsheet.

In this live demo, I explain the rationale behind and the calculations involved in achieving a “win:win” solution, when it comes to discussing remuneration, and also include an editable version our spreadsheet.

Sign up to the Academy training platform for just £9.99 per month and access our hundreds of training resources.

(Existing clients and their team members - you have free access to this tutorial)

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