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The Art Gallery

I visited a local art gallery on Saturday morning to get some photos framed. Whilst waiting, it was good to chat the owner who has been there for over 25 years. “How’s business?” I asked. “Its strange”, he replied, “I can’t sell any limited edition prints for £200 each but I’ve sold over £20,000 of original artwork in the last week. There seems to be more demand the higher the investment.” I thought about that for a moment. “Just like dentistry”, I said, “you cannot get patients to commit to £200 of treatment but they have no problem investing £20,000 in a new smile.” In business, we are all in the same boat (as I wrote about in the latest DBC ezine) there is no discretionary income around but plenty of capital. Sell bigger treatment plans – and make sure your practice is a work of art.

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