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The 5th revolution in modern dentistry has arrived

Last night I saw (and for the first time, recognised) the 5th revolution in modern dentistry.

  1. Revolution #1 - the correct use of the intra-oral scanner in every aspect of patient communication;

  2. Revolution #2 - the role of the Digital TCO

  3. Revolution #3 - the role of the Modern Dental Therapist;

  4. Revolution #4 - the use of off-site digital design and on-site 3D printing.

All of the above are total game changers, as is being evidenced by my Q3 workshops, which continue in Leeds today and Edinburgh next week.

Add them together and you occupy a different plane of existence from "ordinary dental practices".

Revolution #5?

Last night I hosted the latest in the Align Digital Excellence series and sat, spellbound, as Dr. Karla Soto (Boca Raton, USA) and Dr. Luis Llzarbe (Valencia. Spain) demonstrated the new Invisalign Smile Architect A.I. software.



A practice that embraces these revolutions doesn't have to worry about recruitment, retention, new patient acquisition, treatment plan conversion or sales and profitability targets.

The 5 revolutions put the joy back into the business of dentistry.

I'm totally committed to making sure that members of The Extreme Business 100 community lead the way.

You can join us - CLICK HERE.

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