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The 4 M’s – a quick quarterly review to build your confidence

This is a coaching process developed by the folks at Strategic Coach in Toronto and is one of my quarterly retreat activities, especially poignant at the start of a New Year.

At the end of this post I have included a form that you can download.

This is a very useful exercise for you AND your senior team members – I recommend you book some time to ask yourself the 4 questions and ask for the team member’s feedback on their own answers as well.

Let me share with you the questions and my own answers:

Morale: what were my 5 best achievements from the last quarter?

  1. Hitting my sales target every month and exceeding target in 2 of the 3 months

  2. Maintaining my fitness levels by running regularly

  3. Dealing with a personal health scare quickly and effectively

  4. Ongoing refinements to the web site/blog and relaunching the newsletter

  5. Enjoying the support of Team CB – Phillippa/Kim/Steve who are functioning effortlessly well

Momentum: what are the 5 areas of focus and progress making me the most confident right now?

  1. A full calendar and an almost full practice – now recruiting clients for May 2017

  2. Recognising and accepting that I am a freelancer at heart and deciding to make the best of that (and no longer suffer entrepreneur envy)

  3. Recognising exactly how I create value for my clients

  4. Starting to plan 2018 and my next 7 years as a freelancer

  5. Working with Kim on developing online products to reach and help more clients

Motivation: what new things are giving me the greatest sense of excitement going forward?

  1. The “Two Reds are Better Than One” Podcast with Ashley Latter

  2. The Coach Barrow web site/blog/newsletter

  3. Developing online products to reach and help more clients

  4. A complete disruption and redesign of my business plan for 2018 and beyond

  5. Investigating more opportunities for public speaking, broadcasting and publishing

Multipliers: If I could just focus on 5 things that would be the multipliers during the next quarter, what would they be?

  1. Creating a Mastermind Group for my existing 1:1 coaching clients

  2. Building a plan to launch multiple-location diverse sector Mastermind Groups for 2018

  3. Building online products to reach and help more clients

  4. Strategic Alliance Partnerships

  5. More use of live and recorded video

Now it’s your turn……..

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