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The 12-point Word of Mouth Checklist

Today I’m giving you a free resource.

Back in August, when we published our blog series on how to achieve 100% growth in sales and profit, we mused upon the fact that Word of Mouth is the cheapest and most effective way to grow your business.

We created this checklist to determine how many of 12 opportunities you were taking advantage of to encourage patients to recommend their family, friends and colleagues to visit you.

Last week at a practice visit, I tested the team on this checklist and they scored 0/12 – big zero.

Yet the same team were investing thousands in trying to get strangers to visit their web site.

You have to do both – but unless 33% of your new patients are coming in through recommendation, you have an unbalanced marketing plan.

Here is my challenge for this week:

  1. print this list

  2. go through the 12-steps with your marketing team (and perhaps the full team)

  3. calculate your score

Anything less than 10/12 and you are missing golden opportunities to grow your business every day.

Here at 7connections we can train and coach your team to get better at Word of Mouth – all you have to do is ask.

Oh – by the way – if you know of someone in business who would do better if they fully engaged with Word of Mouth marketing – pass this on and tell them about us.

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