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The 10 commandments of The Coaching Business School

And here – courtesy of Anita Pizycki, they are (with tongue firmly in cheek): 1. Thou shalt not do complimentary coaching sessions; 2. Thou shalt not work on your web site before you have some clients: 3. Thou shalt not charge by the hour: 4. Thou shalt not live in the bullshit funnel: 5. Thou shalt not say “I am a coach”: 6. Thou shalt do only that which you love to do: 7. Thou shalt only have a niche for which there is a list: 8. Thou shalt believe in your own abilities: 9. Thou shalt lead an incredible support team: 10. Thou share share your authentic self with everyone. If that list became my legacy in coaching I would be very pleased.

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