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"That" sleepless night

First day back at work today after a wonderful and refreshing vacation.

I'm not stressed about anything and, even though a few pounds heavier (cue exercise), feel as good as I have done this year.

There's no doubt that I have a busy week ahead and I'm going to have to prioritise carefully and stay focused.

So why is it that, once again, I spent a considerable amount of time in bed last night awake in the dark and running through business plans, task lists and deadlines in my overactive mind?

Why was "The Chimp" whispering in my ear that it might all go wrong?

It's happened since as far back as I can remember - the 80's, the 90's.

Is that just me or do you experience the same?

I'm back - feeling a bit ragged today but also with lots to do.

Here we go...."make a list of 10 reasons why The Chimp is wrong."

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