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Thank God It's Friday

The blog is very late today, because I was up at the crack of dawn and in an Addison Lee cab from Regents Park to Hadley Wood Golf Club (North London), there to meet for a flying breakfast with Ken Finlayson, owner of FMC.

Ken and his team were there to host their annual golf day for the dental trade and it gave me another chance to renew my acquaintance with a number of old friends from the supply side of dentistry.

After a conversation with Ken about trade shows, awards, dinners and conferences over the next 15 months (and boy, oh boy, there are going to be lots of them), as well as their growing digital offering, it was smashing to catch up with the trade - most of whom were buzzing after last week's Show at Olympia.

For me, the last 10 days have been astonishing:

  1. Three Practice Plan regional workshops;

  2. Two days at Olympia;

  3. Yesterday a deeply influential meeting with my coach;

  4. An email in-box, task list and calendar that are working at their full capacity;

  5. Team CB nailing it;

  6. A magnificent start to my 2022 marketing campaign for clients.

I'm currently on a train back "up North" and will be attending two Zoom calls with clients before my working day closes:

  • Call 1 - looking at the accounts for a recent (and very successful) private squat and commenting on how they can improve;

  • Call 2 - advising the owners of an existing practice on their options to expand, relocate or sell.

Yet again - I find myself running on adrenaline as all the other energy sources are depleted - and I'm looking forward to my first 2-day weekend in the last three.

I need a rest before it all starts again on Monday.

It feels as if dentistry has come back to life in the last fortnight - social media is full of photographs from courses, shows, conferences, dinners and lectures. The trade were bouncing about their sales to you in London last week.

During the week a dental corporate apologised to me for the delay in allowing me to coach their regional management team - because they are too busy with acquisitions to take out the time.

Practice Plan tell me that requests for help with NHS conversations are flowing in.

You are still telling me that it is raining patients (and that recruitment and keeping your team together is very difficult).

I rarely subscribe to the "TGIF" mentality - but for once, this week, I'll be glad when it's 5 o'clock and yet buzzing with the opportunities that we all share in this amazing business of ours.


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