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Tesco join forces with the NHS to offer dentistry

Justin Neubronner, who writes:

If you want good teeth, come to Essex, I have found another “Street Dentist” this one is outside PC World. As you will see from the picture this one is half the size and I didn’t see a single person go into the tent. I guess they need some cool marketing posters like the one outside Tesco. This time Tesco are showing the bag of goodies that you get free (look in top left corner of sign). I did look into the tent/portable surgery but I wasn’t allowed to take a photo. As you would expect from a high quality outfit like this the decor was 100% on brand. Inside was garden furniture, not even nice teak stuff. If you have a check up then you sit in a white plastic garden chair (the sort that always tip over). Quality pure quality.

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