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Team training in The Lakes

Off to Kendal, Cumbria shortly, where I'll be spending a full day with the whole team at Crossbank Dental Care - and we are going to focus on their Patient Experience and look for marginal gains.

This evening I'll be running a Study Club meeting for their referring GDPs, inviting a small group of Practice Managers to talk about the 4 strengths they need to thrive in the current landscape.

Given that I won't be finished until late evening, I've booked myself a room at The Riverside and, I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to a quiet and early night at the end of a long day.

Team days are always great fun - taking the somewhat dry subject of "working in a dental practice" and turning it into something to be proud of.

Fingers crossed that today I'll make a difference - and that tomorrow, they will too.

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