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Team CB needs you!

Chris Barrow Just Giving Page For the next two weeks, my social media updates will be centered around our new Team CB campaign. Have you met team CB yet? They are my team of experts that help me on a daily basis so I can focus on what I do best, coaching. The team members are:

  1. Chris Barrow – Director of the Dental Business Club and business coach

  2. Phillippa Goodwin – Virtual Assistant

  3. Krishan Joshi – SEO and website design

  4. Jem Patel – Video marketing

  5. Cathy Johnson – Design and branding

  6. Kim Black – IT guru

  7. Brendon and Marita Macdonald – social media management

Read more about them here – I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. So why do we need you? In recognition for our efforts in the Dental Business Club, we would like you to VOTE FOR US in the Dentistry TOP 50. In order to take part, you need to vote for 10 people who make a contribution to dentistry in the UK. Please click here and vote! thank you Team CB

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