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Team again

Well I completed the Duchy 20-miler in 3 hours and 18 minutes – not bad for a 51-year old who hasn’t been training well for a year. It was a pretty cold and grey day in Cornwall but thankfully the wind on the North Cornwall cliffs was down to a murmur and the views across the Atlantic spectacular. I put on a spurt for the finish line (after hobbling the last 2 miles), thinking that it would impress the crowd of spectators. I was disgusted to discover that they were all gathered around a full marathon runner who had completed his 26 miles just ahead of me and then promptly collapsed across the finish, passed out and needed medical attention. Typical attention-grabbing behaviour – should be banned. Today – the first day of our global webinar conference and another tribute to Team CB and especially Jen Haver, who has done a magical job of contacting all the delegates and letting them know just how it works. World-class support – I am very blessed. We have delegates today from Canada, United States, Britain and Germany. I am writing this blog at 9.15pm and we will be back on-line and bridge shortly until 11.00pm tonight – a late night and a long day but I’m having a blast. Once again, I am inspired by clients and team.

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