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Take your time…

My thanks to Helen and the team at Love Your Smile in Leeds, who organised an excellent turn out at last night’s communication skills training session. Here are the bullet points of the evening: • Everyone has a personal story • Everyone wants (at some stage) a cleaner, whiter, straighter smile (CWS Smile) • That happens when a transitional event in their life TRIGGERS the desire • Every visit to the practice, no matter how routine, is an opportunity to ⁃ refresh the story ⁃ enquire as to whether a TRIGGER event has taken place ⁃ deliver that CWS Smile • When the DESIRE is activated by the TRIGGER, price is rarely a problem • But you must address the issue of AFFORDABILITY So a perfect visit might include: • Building rapport • conducting a marketing audit ⁃ how exactly did you hear about us? ⁃ how exactly did you find our web site? • Running through a smile analysis • Determining the TRIGGER • Conducting a preliminary examination • Discussing Tx options • Answering concerns and objections • Agreeing the Tx plan • Closing the sale To achieve this you need: • The Time – slow down • The People – who are DNA-coded for communication (clinician or TCO) • The Training • The Practice • The Experience • Oh – and the patients!

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