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Take the leader in you to work today

Welcome to Monday.

The phrase "it's more important than ever" has been used so many times in the last 10 months that we are in danger of being unmoved by it.

According to this morning's media, in an attempt to encourage better compliance with lockdown requirements, we can expect Prof. Chris Whitty to be all over the news channels today telling us that the NHS is at breaking point.

Suggesting that we need to be addressed by a scientist because we aren't listening to the politicians any more.

Now to you.

It's more important than ever that you take your leadership skills with you in to work today.

Good leaders don't take part in mob hysteria (and don't incite it).

There is going to be a lot of talk in the next few days about a darkening crisis that could see even more stringent lockdown measures.

Your job as a good leader is to stay calm, be ready and offer relentless messages of confidence for those who are looking to you for guidance.

Good leaders say "no matter how tough it gets, we will work together to weather the storm and I promise that I'll bring us all home safely."

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