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Take an impression or make an impression

I'm going to unapologetically steal that line from Cat Edney.

When she presented the slide that contained that headline at yesterday's Owners and Managers Training Day in Manchester, both Marcos White and I looked at each other (at the back of the room) and smiled.

We knew it was a great line.

You can either stuff a load of impression material in a patient's mouth or (as she demonstrated) you can scan the patient, have them look at the screen with you, and talk them through what you both can see in lay terms.

This will be the millionth time I've said that the intra-oral scanner is:

  • the single biggest revolution in the delivery of oral health education and advice in a generation;

  • the single best treatment generator ever invented;

  • that the training of GDC registered dental nurses and TCOs in the use of intra-oral scanning, allows greater use of the new technology to “wow” patients and frees up the time of the clinicians to generate profitable revenue;

  • that the use of the intra-oral scanner by hygienists and therapists allows them to explore their full scope of practice and provide an engaging a comprehensive patient experience (as well as identify referred treatment to you).

I know that "which scanner" has become the modern-day equivalent of "which religion" and that passions run high in defending the scanner of choice.

I'm not qualified to take part in that debate (and not bothered).

Having a debate about which car you prefer is less important than the debate about whether the motor car replaced the horse.

I am going to thank Adele Nugent from Align Tech for bringing along the iTero for the live demo.

The intra-oral scanner (and a trained user) make an impression on patients that they will share with family, friends and colleagues.

Go figure.

p.s. a delight yesterday to also welcome Mark Barry from ESM Digital Solutions to talk about the wonders of 3D printing.

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