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  1. forgotten to use all of it in my own delivery and

  2. omitted to train my support team in the wonderfully simple lead conversion process that Ashley teaches

So over dinner last night I asked Ashley to fly down to Newquay sometime soon and train us “in house” until we are word perfect. Friday’s training was superb and, after the usual period of ice-breaking, we all got along famously (common suffering I suppose – moving out of comfort zone and all that). Ash is just SO good at delivering this course – and my heart breaks that so many dentists don’t attend and equally that so many bring themselves and not their team members. Our very own Emma John is here with team – as are one or two of the other delegates – but nowehere near enough. In my opinion, the receptionists who are here are the “stars” as they need lots of courage to just show up. My enjoyment of the programme is evidenced by my copious notes and my lack of distraction – I’m usually a nightmare on other people’s presentations – fidgeting in my seat and wanting to take over. Not here – Ash is a master of his trade. Great dinner with 8 last night – back at Biancos after a very welcome glass of Pinot Grigio Blush on the sea-front. Walking back to the hotel last night we yet again ran the gauntlet of tarts and yobs – how sad that has spoiled what would otherwise be a lovely town. The sunshine of the early evening has been replaced this morning by a low mist that envelops the coast. Off we go again…

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