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Strength in numbers

As of this morning, there are 101 dental businesses who are members of our Extreme Business 100 community.

Those businesses cover every region of the UK and a few from Ireland.

They range in size from one-woman/man Principals to a 35-location micro-corporate.

They cover NHS, mixed and specialist practice.

There are start ups, recent acquisitions, well-established, growing and aiming or ready for sale.

We started the year with exactly 100 clients.

We have said "goodbye for now" to 12 clients of the clients who joined us on 1st January:

  • 5 of them, with my help, have successfully completed their sale (and I have 6 more of those still in due diligence and aiming to complete soon);

  • 5 of them changed their mind about their need for business coaching (and/or me) part-way through the year;

  • 2 of them decided to "take a break" from coaching in order to consolidate what they have learned.

They have been replaced by 13 new clients who have joined during the year - for a net gain of one!

In The Extreme Business 100, there is no start date, no end date, no minimum contract period, no notice required of departure. Our clients join us when they are ready and leave when they are done.

What do they have in common?

  • They are all independent and owner/family managed;

  • They want to either start-up, scale, grow and, ultimately sell;

  • They want to be the best at what they do;

  • They recognise the benefit of business coaching (and/or me);

  • They enjoy comms with each other (one of our biggest success stories has been our WhatsApp Groups for owners and managers, where they ask each other questions and share ideas);

  • They are meeting the challenges we face head on - recruitment, retention, wages, production and prices;

  • They are embracing the very best that digital workflow has to offer;

  • They are innovating in the delivery of customer service and clinical care;

  • They are growing profits and EBITDA.

Over the next three days, I'm taking a break from active coaching to work on 2023 and, in particular, the design of my regional workshop programme to transfer even more knowledge.

Ten months in to The 100, we have realised that our delivery systems can accommodate more members of the community. We can help more clients.

As one delegate pointed out on Saturday, during my marketing workshop at The L. S. Browne Centre in Fermanagh - "given what you have old us Chris about Dunbar's number, shouldn't it be The Extreme Business 150?"

Interesting point.

We can certainly handle the extra clients. Our webinars, workshops, WhatsApp Groups and one to one coaching can take it and our e-learning platform for team training is infinitely scalable.

So watch this space.

I'm open to listen to potential new clients.

If you would like a complimentary, informal and confidential 45-minute Zoom call to discuss your business plans, simply email

I'd love to meet you and I'd love you to meet this amazing community.

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