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Storm warning

The numbers (and the question around the numbers) are starting to come in.

What's the question?

How do I make this pay and what do I pay?

Part one of that question relates to business solvency and part two relates to fairness in the remuneration of self-employed hygienists/therapists/associates.

The variations on the question are potentially as infinite as those relating to furlough (and un-furlough).

Like others, we have designed a spreadsheet for our clients to play "what if" games and I'm reviewing calculations sent to me by clients.

I missed last night's UNW Accountants webinar due to family commitments but I'll be hoping to catch up on the recording soon.

At 13:00 today on the Daily Briefing I'll bet the audience will be asking.

My own Business Confidence Forum this evening at 19:00 will allow you to interrogate our panelists.

Tomorrow at 16:00 my own clients in The Regeneration Programme will be reviewing our latest (version 3.0) financial forecasting spreadsheet and talking to one of our clients live about how he has developed a return to work hygienist-led dental health review system that looks profitable from day 1 of RTW.

I'm still smarting a bit from two respectfully worded accusations of "associate bashing" after writing a post suggesting the old associate contract might not survive Covid-19.

My intention a couple of weeks ago was simply to face the facts and it seems that, this week, the reality is sinking in.

I have been able to work with some clients on modelling that retains income for the self-employed at pre-lockdown rates (I use the word "rates" carefully - it may be the same percentage of a lower production figure).

I'm working with owners every day who are balancing their moral compass with their financial reality.

This whole issue requires careful calculation and open conversation.

It needs doing now.

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