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Start: Scale: Sell - Making 2023 a year for success

Tell me – is this you?

  • I’d like an end to firefighting and a clear plan of action for the year ahead:

  • I’d like to do the dentistry I enjoy every day;

  • I’d like to feel more confident that my management team can run the business without having to constantly interrupt me for guidance;

  • I’d like the business to be less dependent on my production to pay the bills;

  • I’d like a way to recruit and retain ideal team players;

  • I’d like to manage the flow of patients in a way that is calmer and more profitable;

  • I’d like to take advantage of the digital patient workflow and operate with the latest technology and systems;

  • I’d like a better balance between work and home – to see more of my family, friends and myself!

By the time you read this article, we will be weeks away from the start of a New Year. The last three years have been extraordinary: 2020 – survival against all odds; 2021 – adaptation to a new normal; 2022 – a roller coaster on every level – globally, nationally, politically, economically. And, of course, in 2022 the world of dentistry has been (to quote one of my favourite phrases) a series of mountains, valleys and missiles.

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