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Some current trends across my client base

Three workshops last week – London, Manchester and Dublin.

An opportunity to meet with my clients and listen.

My quarterly immersion in their ups and downs and, thus, a chance to identify any common trends.

I mentioned last week the trend of hiring managers and TCOs who have a background in high-street retail management (because that sector is shedding jobs).

Equally, I heard more positive feedback on hiring young dentists as salaried apprentices.

What other trends were in evidence?

  1. Team – the ongoing challenges of simply hiring good people – clinical or otherwise;

  2. Training – getting teams to follow through on the marketing training that we delivered earlier in the year and to implement and maintain the relentless daily activity of internal marketing;

  3. Technology – embracing the innovation that is taking place in digital dentistry and using that to enhance the treatment planning experience;

  4. Treatment plan presentation – creating Powerpoint presentations to simplify the practice management software plan and the small print;

  5. Testimonials – patient video testimonials professionally created as marketing collateral;

  6. Transactions – making sure that protocols exist for every step of the patient experience – no longer relying on people doing their best in the absence of a system.

There was more than one moment during the week when we heard:

I would never have believed, when I came into dentistry, that there would end up being so much to do!

It’s a brave person who runs their own business.

One of my favourite moments of the week was an opportunity to provide a simple answer to an apparently complex question:

Q: “Chris, how do we attract more patients?”

A: “Become more attractive.”

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