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So you want to open your own private squat, do you?

First things first – if you are going to succeed with a private squat (and I mean really succeed) you will need:

  1. £250,000 to get to the ribbon cutting stage

  2. £150,000 working capital for the first three years

  3. Work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, work harder then you have ever worked

  4. Become an expert on finance, marketing, customer service, treatment co-ordination, sales, clinical ops, non-clinical ops and HR

  5. Make sure you can expand to 4 surgeries in time

  6. Keep on taking clinical skills development courses

  7. Sell the right products

  8. Hire the right people

  9. Get the right advisors

  10. Visit with other dentists who have walked this path

  11. Expect to take a low income for the first 4 years – then it will start paying you back

That’s before we look at location and determine whether the proposed practice is in the right area. Are you ready for that journey?

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