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So what’s your big idea for 2016?

Do you have one big idea that would make a huge positive difference in the coming year?

Your idea can be

  1. personal or professional

  2. affect you, one other person or a billion

  3. artistic or scientific

  4. emotional, physical,intellectual or spiritual

  5. make more health, wealth or happiness

  6. happen at work, rest or play

  7. be virally public or a secret good deed

  8. involve huge risk or no risk at all

Anything goes – there are no rules and nobody can judge the value of your idea.

But you are allowed to be incredibly selfish in your choice.

So if there were one, just one, idea that would float your boat, have you buzzing, change your performance and behaviour right now, make you inspirational to be around….

…what would it be?

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