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Simple steps to exceptional leadership - an interview with David Taylor

We are currently in the most challenging recruitment and retention crises in dentistry for 25 years and if that was not enough, we are also in one of the worst cost of living crises in 40 years.

With people swapping jobs for more money, It has never been more important to look at how to keep and recruit the best talent.

You have to show up as a great leader..

In the latest episode of 'Two Reds are Better than One' Ashley and Chris interviewed David Taylor who like Ashley, was an ex Dale Carnegie Master Leadership Trainer.

David has been delivering Leadership & Management Training for over 30 years, and is an expert in this field.

Whether you a business owner, a Practice Manager, or an an associate, there are many take aways in this inspirational interview.

In this episode you will;

  • What people value most when they come to work (a clue, money is not number one).

  • What you can do as a great leader to ensure people not only stay working with you, but actually thrive and grow in their role

  • Discover a four step simple approach to giving appreciation, that will take your people to a new level of performance

  • The immense value MBWA can bring to creating a motivational world class team

  • How to deal with a difficult team member- David gives tips on a real life case study

  • Stop being NICE- Being GOOD is the new way to raise standards

  • What every business owner should first when they take over or start a new business

  • The value of monthly action plans and accountability to raise productivity

  • David's three best business books and why everyone should read these books


Reading recommends from this podcast: Master of the Senate - Robert Caro; The 5 Temptations of a CEO - Patrick Lencioni; The Founder’s Survival Guide - Rachel E Turner.

Listen via your favourite podcast player or below.

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