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Showcase day

Down in London’s Docklands area this morning and shortly to have breakfast with Ashley Latter before we wander over to the Exel Centre and attend the show. The hotel is functional and nice – but being next to the runway at City airport was an unusual alarm call this morning. Exhibitors in the hotel bar last night told me that Thursday was well attended. My day will be a whirlwind of meetings with friends, former clients, suppliers, the IDH team, the press and potential acquisition candidates (although just because you see me talking to a dentist, it doesn’t automatically mean that’s what we are talking about!). I counted this morning – 32 enquiries on my task list – principals who have expressed an interest in what we are doing. That’s before the press launch – just shows how “word of mouth” works in dentistry. And only one of them is a client of Breathe Business – which demonstrates a much wider interest group than just people I was working with as a business coach. Yes – there are some former clients of The Dental Business School in there – but a large group who I have never worked with as a coach but we know each other through the speaker circuit and through my writing in the magazines and newspapers over the years. I’m going to be a busy boy over the weeks ahead. What inspires me is that the more I describe our proposition to interested dentists, the more they remark that it’s a fantastic concept. A chance to do a “bigger thing” with like minded people who (to coin a phrase from an earlier post) have the time, the money and the people to make it happen. I genuinely think this may be the most exciting time of my career. Off to see Ash.

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