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Shooting the breeze

“So you paid this guy Chris Barrow to go for a walk with you?”

It might be a question asked of some of my clients after we have enjoyed a “shoot the breeze” day.


We go for a walk for 8 hours (including a lunch stop).


Anywhere you like – can be in the countryside or a city.


Your 3-year vision.

Your 12-month plan

Your 90-day goals

Yours hopes and fears.

Your opportunities and threats.





Preferably fresh air all day.

No interruptions – no phones or Blackberrys

No barriers – we can talk about anything

100% confidentiality on the conversation.

Result: A client who has had a chance to “get away from it all” in an environment that they find inspirational – the space to think clearly and discuss in a “safe place” what to do next with their professional life.

With permission, here is a map of my last STB day with Alex Jones of Penistone Dental Care, waking around Langsett Reservoir in South Yorkshire.

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