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Sharing your financials with your team - Dr. Susan Watt

As you will know, I’ve been somewhat indisposed for the last couple of weeks after a cycling accident.

Following surgery, I’m on the mend - pace not race as always but I’ll be showing up more over the weeks ahead. My wonderful, wonderful clients decided that they missed The Coach Barrow Blog so much, that they would start writing it themselves. So - over the next few days, a few guest posts from active members of The Extreme Business 100 community, sharing their own thoughts, observations and experiences. My gratitude to the contributors and the hope that just one idea will make a positive difference to your day.

After 2 days of coaching in Bristol, I wasn’t entirely sure if I should follow through with some of Chris Barrow’s suggestions on finance. In particular, sharing financial information with the team. But…. If I don’t follow through what’s the point in attending the coaching?

Pushed by our new business development manager Laura and armed with my jam jars and buttons (because I don’t have £100 in £1 coins) I stand in front of a staff meeting and do what he told me to do.

What did I learn:

1. The team ARE interested in practice finance

2. They wanted to know where the money goes

3. Running the business costs more they thought

4. They are up for supporting us to have healthy finances and have actively helped ever since

5. They will turn my air con off to save me money, even if it’s boiling! (a bit too far)

6. They came up some great ideas to improve income

Overall, a very positive meeting that we will do again.

Moral of the story, business coaching only works if you do your part. CB has been around dental practices long enough to give great advice, but your business will only change if you follow it and trust that he knows what he is talking about – which he does!

Dr. Susan Watt B.D.S. M.F.G.D.P.

St Peters Dental Practice

2 Norton Close



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