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Setting the 3-year vision

Last week I invested a lot of time in establishing my personal and professional vision for 2016.

Chatting to a friend on Tuesday morning he commented that on trying the same, he found himself staring at a blank sheet and suffering a form of writer’s block. Nothing happening.

So his question was “what do I need to do to kick-start myself into this vision process?”

I asked him to use his pen and journal and construct two columns on a page as follows:


  1. Self

  2. Family

  3. Social

  4. Physical

  5. Intellectual

  6. Spiritual


  1. Finances

  2. Marketing

  3. The Patient Experience

  4. Operational

  5. Team

  6. Expansion or Exit-strategy

That done, I asked him to add a main heading to the top of the page.

31st December 2018

His assignment is to fashion a paragraph under each of the 12 categories, describing what he wants his life to look like on that date.

That’s how to set a 3-year vision.

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