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"Self-serving" or "of service" - how do you show up?

I'm grateful to my business coach Rachel Turner for a conversation that led to this distinction.

So much of what appears on social media and in advertising and marketing is "self-serving":

  • Buy my thing

  • Here I am being virtuous

  • Look at my perfect life

I'm occasionally guilty of all three.

It occurs to me that "influencers" do this most of the time.

Yet - we truly engage with our audience when what we post is "of service":

  • Here's a great idea

  • Use this resource

  • Let me share this story because the metaphor will help you

When we are "of service" the flow is effortless. There is no persuasion.

Every week I receive emails that start with "I've been following your stuff for years and now I need your help".

The stuff that people reference isn't my holiday snaps or product pitches. It is the ideas, resources and stories that I share.

So let's all take a moment to evaluate what we are putting out there.

Sit down with your marketing team and work back through your advertising and marketing.

Create two columns on a sheet of paper or a device and populate the columns.

"Self serving" or "of service".

You will soon see what I mean.

Patients/clients buy your thing when they know that you are "of service".

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