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Scarcity creates demand – my second blog today

A coach and former client sent me a link today to a web page she had created with a new service provided by Google – cleverly entitled “Google Page Creator” (how do they think of such cool names?). So this afternoon, in between “to do’s” I ambled over to the web site and received the following message: “Sorry, we are unable to offer new accounts today. We appreciate your interest and invite you to add your Gmail address to our wait list. We’ll let you know when we’ve enabled your account.” – The Google Page Creator team Now I cannot sleep until they let me know – I want my page creator and I’m going to stamp my feet and spit my dummy out until I get it. Brilliant marketing (probably by accident due to overwhelm). The moral of the story. Create a bit of scarcity – it will drive interest in your products through the roof.

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