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Saturday in Toronto

Its been a predictably exhausting three days and I’m blogging at 2.00pm local time as the coaches spend some time individually creating their goals and actions for the next 90 days. Reviewing the mind map of objectives that we began with on Thursday I think I can allow myself a pat on the back for helping everyone to get to their finish line later today. All of Friday was spent working 1:1 with each coach’s immediate issues – and, as always, the conversations were relevant to everyone’s situation. I made the mistake of going out for dinner last night – after 2 days of coaching I was exhausted and lousy company – proven by the fact that they had created a matrix of alcohol intake v. sociability and placed me in the lower left quadrant – a sober, anti-social based on last night’s performance. Well I give it out – so I have to take it now and then. Lesson learned – on 3-day Intensives go out for dinner with the clients on one evening and then chill the rest. Its been a blast here in Toronto – now I’m going to take some time off to rest, recharge and renew my enthusiasm. Over lunch today an interesting conversation about “raising your game” – which we defined as what happens when you reduce your tolerations and increase your expectations. And how that can make you periodically unpopular and isolated.

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