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Satellite Saturday

Perhaps unusual to be investing the Saturday of a Bank Holiday weekend in a meeting with no agenda. But you have heard me declare the benefits of “shooting the breeze” – just a good conversation. I’m not asking for any medals – but want you to know that I made no charge for facilitating this day – it was just “added value” for some good friends and clients who have demonstrated their support and loyalty in a variety of ways over the last year or two. Our subject matter was “how best should I expand my business over the next 3 years?” and the variety of practices present ensured a stimulating result. We began formal conversation at 10:30 (after a good night out on Friday for some) and ended at 17:00 with real clarity in the room about choices. From left to right:

  1. David Boulton – Penistone Dental Clinic, Yorkshire

  2. Yours truly

  3. David and Dawn Cunningham – Spring Grove Clinic, Glasgow

  4. Alex Jones – Penistone Dental Care

  5. Mark Whetstone – Whelby Health, Essex

  6. James Hamill – Blueapple Dental, Northern Ireland

  7. Daz Singh – Ollie and Darsh, Liverpool

We have agreed that this should be a more regular event – perhaps twice a year. The message here is that we all need peers to bounce ideas and fears around without judgement. Everyone, myself included, came away with a clear focus on next steps.

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