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Running a micro-corporate, one day at a time - an interview with Grant Watson

In this month's podcast, Ashley and I welcome Grant Watson, Director of Operations for Envisage Dental, a group of 20+ practices on a rapid growth curve.

During our conversation you will learn:

  • about Grant’s previous career history in laser-eye surgery, dermatology, injectables and other regulated healthcare sectors;

  • whether there really is any difference between dentistry and other sectors?

  • why Grant focuses on people, processes and patients;

  • the importance of regularly putting "fertiliser on the field”;

  • a typical week in the life of a micro-corporate ops director;

  • how Envisage are approaching the current recruitment and retention crisis;

  • how Envisage are preparing for the effects of the cost of living crisis on patient confidence;

  • why it has now become important to work smarter AND harder!

  • how Grant uses the Japanese work ethic of Kaizen to achieve marginal gains.

Join us for a fascinating insight in to micro-corporate life.

Find Grant Watson on LinkedIn HERE

Listen via the player below or via your favourite podcast streaming service.

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