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Reviews are growing in importance – what are you doing about that?

There’s a quiet war developing between Google and Facebook for our attention when it comes to both writing and collecting patient reviews.

Google want you to become a star reviewer and are prepared to encourage you to do that via “Google Local Guides” – appointing you as a person of influence if you make the effort (do you remember when Foursquare tried to do that?).

Becoming a recognised “local guide” probably won’t do your organic listings any harm either – points make prizes.

Facebook aren’t making quite such a fuss and bother about reviewers yet – but they are making it increasingly easy to compose reviews – right from your smartphone and in the moment.

Perhaps most important of all – prospective new patients are reading reviews as part of their initial investigation into your suitability for their requirements.

That is – the right prospective new patients.

Not the bargain-hunters, the price-shoppers, the time-wasters, the Groupon addicts and the “messers”. They don’t care much what your reviews say.

The people who are looking for a long-term relationship for preventative care are reading your reviews.

The people who are looking for solutions to immediate functional and aesthetic solutions are reading your reviews.

The people who are ready to invest serious money are reading your reviews.

So they had better be good and there had better be plenty of them.

By plenty, I mean 100+.


  1. what do your reviews say?

  2. how many reviews do you have?

  3. what systems do you have in place to encourage reviewing?

  4. how are you monitoring that?

My best clients are telling me every week now that new patients are commenting on the quality and the quantity of their reviews.

Don’t miss the boat.

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