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Researching how best to deliver 2021

It has been very humbling to read the daily submissions of those enjoying our Get Your Year in Gear (GYYIG) programme this month.

I have written in the business blog about the frequent examples of “Imposter Syndrome” that have emerged and how comforting it is to know that we all suffer in that way (me included).

I know it sounds paradoxical but I feel sorry for the GYYIG clients, who are having to find time every day in January to “keep up” and I’ve made it very clear in my supporting emails and videos that they can take as long as they like to work through the extensive material.

I haven’t completed the exercises simply because I did most of the work in the months leading up to the year end, starting with allocating Free, Focus and Bunker Days in my 2020 calendar as far back as May 2019 and including a full day in July 2019 with my business coach Rachel Turner and Team CB to work on my 2020 business plan (as well as our marketing campaign for the year).

The crazy thing is that I’m already working on my 2021 business plan, after just two weeks of the new year.

A conversation with Rachel Turner on 6th January made me realise that, in order to hit my ambitious sales target for ’21, I would have to redesign my business model; what the folks at Strategic Coach call “creative destruction” a.k.a. knock it down and rebuild it, knowing what you know now.

My existing business model and my 2021 targets don’t fit very well into the calendar, so I have to open my mind to new ways of doing things.

One of my goals for Q1 of this year is to research other top global coaches and take a look at what they are doing to help their clients, searching for innovation in delivery that can generate more profit in less time.

I haven’t started that yet as I’ve been too busy with preparation and delivery for this quarter. As always with the “important but not urgent” things, they don’t get done until you allocate the time in the calendar.

Note to self – book a 2-hour meeting with myself to research top coaching models.

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