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Requesting client testimonials

At the close of the two Intensives I made a specific request that those attending would send me a written testimonial, within 2 working days, to explain the benefits they had accrued from being there. I am now sitting in a world of appreciation – its great. And I also requested permission to use those testimonials in my marketing. They will feature in the ezine and on the web page at in a few weeks when Team CB catch up. Nobody refused or was offended to be asked – in fact, I suspect they were delighted. I believe in the work I do and have sufficient self-esteem to ask. Its a good business habit. Some are one-liners and others are essays – all are welcome. Here is an example: Chris Barrow takes complicated material and makes it simple. He cuts through the fog and provides you a personal G.P.S. so that you can navigate your way to success. He shows you the way, all you have to do is follow the path he lays out for you. The material he provides is complete and well thought out. His unpretentious presentation style is direct and friendly. Chris is the real thing. James Aubele, CEO Business Mentors Developing Profits in Half the Time is at

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