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Re-discovering running

I’ve been a runner, jogger (call it what you will) since 1980, when a client I was talking to as an insurance company rep inspired me by his personal example. From then until 1997 I just ran for pleasure and to find a place in a busy life where I could think, oxygenate and “straighten my spaghetti” as I like to say. Then I ran my first London Marathon and, since then, have clocked up a total of 14 marathons, including 6 London and 2 New York. Personal best (because runner’s have to say this) was 3hrs 47 minutes in New York, largely facilitated by having a running buddy on the day. We helped each other along and I learned something about teamwork. The last 2 years my running has been very sporadic due to a nomadic lifestyle, a little injury and a lot of stress. I still managed London this year though, albeit very slowly. This week, as part of my “get your bloomin’ life in gear” personal programme, I’ve taken the plunge and managed 45 minutes on Monday, 35 on Tuesday and 75 yesterday. I’ll shortly go out again before my call-in day starts. It has reminded me of the benefits – the fresh air, torrential rain, wind, cold and (yesterday) bright sunny day have revitalised me and will provide the springboard from which to address other areas of my life. The knee hurts but I’ll work through it. I am full of oxygen again!

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