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Questions on Medial Aesthetics

Annie and I are off to London for the day on Friday, attending the IAAFA Conference, she as a delegate and myself as a speaker. I’ll be presenting twice, on Friday morning at 11:30 a concurrent session on building a marketing plan – on Friday afternoon from the main platform at 14:00 an overview of the systems you need to build a 21st Century Cosmetic Practice. Now I don’t claim to be anything like an expert on the whole medical aesthetics market – others will be there – but I do have plenty to say on my chosen subjects. My question for you today is a simple one (I hope): “If I open a medical aesthetics surgery in my dental practice and it is “manned” full-time, what would I expect the average daily gross to be?” I know – there’s a big assumption there about a full book – and you might want to add some comments as to whether you think that is realistic. Answers please either by commenting on this blog post – or direct to me at I want to create a spreadsheet fro Friday that will outline the likely enhancement to bottom line profits if you are successful. Thanks in advance.

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