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First day back after the holiday weekend and I'm reading emails and weekly reports that include stories of both team members and Principals on the receiving end of intimidation.

"I would say FOH definitely feel fed up at being a punchbag for people's frustrations. Many people are not even registered patients of ours but are having a go at them for not being able to access NHS care in different practices or long waiting lists for referrals."

"After speaking to the associate last night, I wrote down the list of her concerns - she is threatening to use cheaper labs, cut down the length of her appointments, stop using the scanner because she thinks her impressions are quicker - she thinks she has the upper hand and it's a side of her I've not seen before."

Patients intimidating team members.

Clinicians intimidating Owners.

Anybody intimidating anybody else. It's the lowest form of communication.

The solutions here are simple:

  • Nobody gets to make anybody a punchbag;

  • Nobody is indispensable;

  • Never negotiate with terrorists;

  • Nobody calls your bluff.

There is a prerequisite for being able to take that view.

Confidence. In your numbers, in your systems, in your team and in your ability.

Are you confident enough to say "no" to bullying?

It's a thing I do for my clients. I get them that confident.

Nobody is a punchbag on my watch.

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