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Process and Passion - an interview with Steve Anderson

This month’s guest is unique.

Steve Anderson lives and works in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona and, since 1997 has been building dental offices, thousands of them.

Yes - thats right - he runs a 20-strong building company responsible for the construction of purpose-built dental practices as well as refurbishments of existing premises.

That’s where the “process” comes in - because you can’t build a building that isn’t going to fall down without following the process to the letter.

But he also brings something else to the equation - and that’s where the “passion” appears.

For over 20 years Steve has worked with dental clients and has seen them make the mistakes in business that cost them time and money - not building mistakes - business mistakes.

So our builder has become a business coach - and has used the lessons he has learned in his own career and the observations he has made of others to help his clients to grow.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • the difference between a professional and an accountable professional;

  • How to open your closed F.I.S.T.

  • the two pitfalls that lead to overwhelm and how to avoid them;

  • a description of Steve’s new book “DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Creating the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams."

and much more.

Listen via your favourite podcast player or below:

Visit Steve's website at

You can receive 50% off Steve's book at

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1 Comment

andrew fennell
andrew fennell
Nov 24, 2021

7 minutes of preamble then it stopped? Is it my connection or is there a glitch buddy?

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