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Price points in a coaching practice

As always, a call-in day with my clients creates many great conversations – and this was one of them. What we have here is a very talented specialty coach with a thousand creative ideas buzzing around in her head and a question – “how the h do I get all these ideas out there in January?” So I asked her to answer the following questions: 1. what is the lowest price point at which you would sell a product on-line? Answer $10.00 (so let’s make that $7 because Andrea Lee says so); 2. what is the highest price point at which you would be comfortable to sell a product on-line? Answer $500 (so that’s $497) “OK” says I, “think of another 4 price points between those two… $7 $47 $97 $247 $497 “OK” says I, “you are all done now. Just go and create 6 on-line products that you feel give great value for that price and require your involvement to an extent that makes you feel comfortable with the price.” Maybe… $7 = a downloaded tip sheet (or a choice of 100 $7 tip sheets) $47 = a 60-minute audio (or a choice of 100…. you get it) $97 = an e-programme $247 = an e-course with bridge calls and gym access (like what we are doing with the GYYIG programme) $497 = a 90-day mini-coaching programme with webinars, bridge calls and gym membership. Just some suggestions. The create a home page that allows the visitor to make a choice per price point. All you need then is a reservoir of ezine readers and off you jolly well go. Provided you have identified a niche, with a problem, wanting a solution and with some money! Easy innit?

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