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Post-vacation insomnia

Why does that happen? For the last 2 weeks I have slept soundly and well – often for more than 8 hours per night – and even for 10 nights in the open air on the balcony of our Como apartment. Monday morning I woke at 4.30am (on that same balcony) and watched a glowing moon in the dawn sky as I composed emails in my mind – then got up and wrote them. Monday was a day of travel from Como to Manchester, house-hunting as soon as I returned from the airport and then some last minute professional clothes shopping in Selfridges (new look for the July workshops – I’m sick of the man in black – feel typecast and bored – need a new image/brand). Thinking I was exhausted, I retired at 11.00pm last night with maybe just a little too much pasta and Cannonau inside me? Woke at 3.30am this morning and I’ve been sat at my desk working since then until now – 7.00am. Emails and mail all answered – feeling very up to date. But that’s not so good when I have a 4-hour drive to Salisbury later this morning to view some domestic properties. That’s the mind of the solopreneur though – once its awake, its awake. Off for a good walk now, followed by cappuccino and a busy day.

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