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Positions or People - how and when do you recruit?

The current increase in the demand for dentistry is giving rise to a new Frequently Asked Question in my email inbox:

"Business is booming, waiting lists are getting longer and I'm wondering if I should hire an associate/therapist/hygienist/team members to cope with the demand (and expand the premises)?"

It's the wrong question.

My business read of the year so far has been Patrick Lencioni's "The Ideal Team Player". I urge you to put this right at the top of your own reading/listening list.

Lencioni describes the three virtues of the ideal team player - people who are hungry, humble and people-smart.

Once those virtues are identified - you have yourself a player.

So waiting for business to pick up and then deciding to advertise for new recruits is the opposite of what should be happening.

Recruitment is a continuous activity.

There should be a careers page on your website for all positions in the practice, clinical and non-clinical, and you should always be looking for players.

Better a waiting list to join your team than a waiting list of frustrated patients.

How to recruit?

Let me share with you as a download our PDF guide on the most successful activities to identify your players (see below).

When to recruit?


Then, when a player emerges, build a position around them or add them to your waiting list for career opportunities.

You don't react to economic cycles - they come and go.

You respond to people - because the ideal people are timeless and priceless.

How to Recruit New Team Members copy
Download PDF • 117KB

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