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Politics or dentistry?

Rather grumpy baby-boomer decides to quit after years of supervised neglect. Fresh-faced new boy, full of hope and vision, arrives to take over tired patients and staff.

Grandees and academics who trained “new boy” watch silently from the wings, knowing that in a few years, fresh-faced boy will be a grumpy Gen X’er who will have been assimilated into The Borg.

I arrived at my hotel last night in time to see Dave enter and leave Buck Pal – and also listen to his speech from the steps of Number 10.

All very historic and a twinge of British pride that we at least are occasionally a little civilised over here.

For me, Dave just seems like Head Boy at a Grammar School in the old tradition.

I feel as if he is going to really excited about the office Christmas Panto but somehow the big issues will be slightly beyond him?

For that matter – Clegg comes across as a rather canny mature student, standing for office at the Union on a platform of change but secretly running a business selling cheap cigs, beer and videos – and dating at least three girls at any one time.

I must be getting old.

My favourite moments in the whole Election.


  1. One of Annie’s Facebook friends suggests that the hung Parliament should be decided by a penalty shoot out

  2. Sandy Toksvig suggest that Dave’s face looks like “a single buttock with eyes”

  3. and my ultimate winner – The Queen sends a message to say:

“don’t bother me until after lunch”

Now that’s class.

I vote that we re-establish Absolute Monarchy and re-invade Europe, burn Brussels/Strasbourg and take over the lot..

..after all, we already have all of their footballers.

For England, Harry and St George!

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